Solid Web Design is No Small Matter

websiteWondering what’s missing from your web strategy that’s causing your numbers to slump? It could be a lack of responsive web design.

When it comes to your company’s chances for success, never take your website for granted.

With a solid website, you enhance the chances of drawing more eyes to your brand and ultimately converting those eyes to sales.

According to the article, “Google Mobile: The Lowdown on Responsive Web Design,” webpages designed in this manner load quickly, render well on large and small screens, are easy to navigate and are optimized for mobile users.

Here are some more reasons why a solid responsive web design is no small matter:

Reduce User Frustrations

The main driving force of your company’s online presence must be to provide a great user experience. Customers who are frustrated with your website’s load time or with the online ordering process will quickly jump ship and swim to your competitors.

A responsive web design will reduce user frustrations by ensuring that the site works properly regardless of the platform on which it’s being viewed.

First-time customers will easily be able to navigate through the site and repeat customers will take comfort in knowing where to access information on your site whether using a desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Lower Company Costs

Business owners dream of finding ways to reduce company costs. Utilizing responsive web design is one of those ways.

Rather than hiring or contracting a designer to create multiple versions of your site for several platforms, responsive web design kills all those birds with one stone.

And the reduction in costs isn’t just seen at the start of utilizing responsive web design. Rather, it will also save you time and money in the future when working on site updates.

Streamline Work Processes

Coordinating a website’s initial design and updates is time consuming, especially when multiple versions of the site are required. Responsive web design cuts the workload and streamlines processes.

While nailing your responsive site’s design out of the park will still require strategy, time and negotiation, the workload should be greatly reduced.

Improve SEO Rankings

Google now rewards sites for being mobile friendly. But, with the constant changes in the mobile landscape, how can you be sure that your site is truly mobile friendly? Why, with responsive web design, of course.

By ensuring your site works well on various mobile platforms, the responsive design can help improve SEO rankings.

And we all know that those increased rankings equal more visitors and higher profits.

Stay Competitive

Staying competitive is more difficult than ever in this digital era when it seems that anyone can start an online business. But, while nearly anyone can start a business online, only a small number are doing it right.

Responsive web design allows you to stay one step ahead of competitors in many ways, but primarily by maintaining a great user experience.

Most business owners understand the importance of having an online presence. But not every executive recognizes the importance of responsive web design.

Get your site up to date and prep it for the future by implementing a responsive design.

About the Author: Shayla Ebsen is a freelance writer and editor with more than 10 years of professional writing experience both in the corporate and freelance settings.