Get Your Workers Moving Around

fitnessOne of the latest office trends currently being seen is standing desks. And to go one step further (no pun intended) the standing takes part on a treadmill.

Now this may not be for everyone, or every office, but there is a push of encouraging workers to get moving during the day. During breaks, employees are encouraged to move around and get a little exercise in rather than stay at their desks. What’s the basis for this change?

Workplace is Changing

People are working longer, more non-traditional hours. It’s tough to get to the gym after work with family commitments and long hours. Not everyone is a 4:30 riser to make it to a workout before the office. So the office is bringing exercise in.

Depending on the level of fitness, and your office’s set up, exercise at work will vary, but here are some ideas of things you and your employees can do to get some exercise in, but first, the benefits of doing so.

And if you’re the owner of a business, encourage your employees to get their exercise in. You’ll see productivity increase as well as the moods of your employees.

Squeeze in Exercise at the Office

If thinking about exercise in the workplace, remember:

  • The recommendation of exercise is at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day 5 times a week. It’s even been shown that the 30 minutes don’t have to take place all at once. Breaks are the perfect time to get it in. And moderate doesn’t have to work up a big, messy sweat;
  • Exercise is good for you and your employees all over. Your back, your feet, and your shoulders will thank you. As the following article looks at, whether you have podiatry issues, headaches or no ailments at all, a little exercise during the day will clear your head and help your body;
  • It will invigorate your employees and make them more productive. You know how you get sleepy after lunch, or hit that mid-morning slump? A few minutes of exercise will revive you and make you more energetic without ingesting any caffeine. You’ll be more productive this way as you want be fighting the drowsies, and exercise can increase your focus and that of everyone in your office.

Make the Initiative

Keep in mind to:

  • Encourage your employees to take a walk during lunch. You can all tuck a pair of walking shoes in your bag, brown bag your lunch and use most of your lunch hour for exercise instead of driving to a restaurant;
  • Take the stairs. Skip the elevator and hit the stairs. You can even take them up and down a couple of times when you don’t have anywhere to go. Do every other stair for some lunge like work;
  • Desk yoga and stretching are great exercise. You can even do this while working to work on your back, feet and posture. From unobtrusive posture strengthening exercises to stretching using your desk, you can do it right there;
  • Rethink the chair. Trade in some chairs for exercise balls. That will work your core nonstop. There is the standing desk, too; some of your employees may be all over that.

Within a few weeks of office exercising, you will notice how much better you and your employees feel.

You will all have more energy, be more alert, and everyone’s back and feet may hurt less. And your clothes may even be a little looser.

Take it to heart, you and your employees can exercise at work without working up a big sweat, and it’s all good for you!

About the Author: Heather Legg is an independent writer who covers topics related to health, small business, and asocial media.

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