5 Steps to See if Your #SocialMedia is Profitable

Analyzing your business’s projects and products to see if they are profitable can be a time-consuming exercise. But it’s necessary: You have to understand how your resources are allocated and if the return on those investments offers a payoff. So when’s the last time you looked at your social media efforts to see how much they contribute to your business goals?

Social media, even though it’s pervasive, is still so new that many businesses are just trying to stay on top of their platforms. Even still, they should devote the time and resources to figure out the return on various social media efforts. Not doing so can undermine current and future efforts and make goal-setting that much more difficult.

This graphic offers simple steps to take to work through the process, as well as how to better understand your customers in light of what social media is telling you.

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Source – https://www.marketingcloud.com/