5 Low-Pressure Strategies to Sell Smarter

Many customers are turned off by bold, high-pressure sales tactics. It’s something they don’t often trust or a process that makes them feel rushed instead of understood. If you’ve decided that low-pressure sales techniques are the way to go, what can you do to still generate enthusiasm and close the deal?
For starters, you can use email in what’s called a drip campaign. It’s structured around providing information, solutions, and promotions without pressure, all while conveying the value that you can provide. You can also rely on an old-school method of low-pressure sales: a free trial. It helps to mitigate skepticism, but can drag out a sales cycle.
Even without a hard sell, though, you must keep your company top of mind with strategies that resemble the parts of a funnel. Use this graphic to work through your low-key but effective sales strategies.

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5 Low-Pressure Strategies To Sell Smarter

Via Salesforce