You Don’t Need To Be An Accounting Genius To Keep Business Costs Down

There are a lot of costs when running a business, no-one can deny that. The people, the tools, the processes, the products, they all cost money. It can become a tangled web where every cost has to be balanced precariously to fit a budget. However, if you’re having trouble with high costs, the solutions might not be all that complicated. There are a few practices to start putting in place across the board that can result in giving you a bit more balance to your budget.



There’s always another supplier

Every physical asset you bring into the business can likely be found elsewhere. In most cases, if you need an industry level of supply, then you want to go straight to the source. Instead of a commercial front, go to your supplier’s supplier. That might be the manufacturer themselves or their distributor in the company. For everything else, spend a little more time comparing prices across the board. Sites like are a good starting point to source different deals of assets of all kinds. From hardware to furniture, there is always more than one option to get the resources the business needs. Of course, for certain supplies like paper and printer ink, it’s a good idea to create a business account with a local supplier. Long-term relationships with suppliers often tend to lead to better deals and discounts over time.

Consider going outside the business

Not all costs are about the physical resources the business needs, either. A lot of spending will go to the work that has to be done itself. Not just the day-to-day tasks of facilitating the business and selling the products or carrying out the services that are central to the business. There are tertiary tasks, such as branding, marketing, creating a website, running an internal IT system and more. One of the issues that new business owners have is that they create new business roles for these tasks without considering how economical it is. Instead, it might make more sense to outsource for those tasks that won’t require ongoing effort from a full-time member of staff.


Hire smarter

Naturally, there are roles that have to be handled internally, as well. However, when it comes to cutting the costs of the people in the business, prevention is much better than having to scale down the number of employees in the business. By simply hiring smarter, you can save yourself the costs of excess staff. This means taking a fine-toothed comb to the different roles in the business. It might mean re-drawing the lines, accounting for new duties in existing roles and creating new roles only when the demand for duties can’t already be met by existing staff as suggests. In some cases, existing duties might be taken from current staff members if they can be fit into a position where they can be done more efficiently, as well.


Once you know the best ways to source resources and assets and how to handle labor, you’re being truly resourceful. Resourcefulness should always come before having to make any cuts. Hopefully, the tips above make it a lot easier to keep costs manageable in the business.