4 Ways to Encourage Feedback from Your Customers

Getting reliable customer feedback is hugely important because it puts your company in touch with what’s working and what’s not working with your lineup of product and services. On top of that, customer feedback gives you a direct pipeline to what customers are looking for out of your company in the future and clues you in to the best ways to meet your customers’ needs.

On top of all that, great customer feedback improves your marketing and creates a virtuous circle in which good feedback produces better products, which in turn leads to better feedback ad infinitum from customers. How do you go about getting great feedback in the first place, though? As it turns out, there are a number of ways in which you can bring that about.

Email and Text Surveys for New Customers

One of the most important group of customers to get information on is new customers. Why did they choose you over the competition? What can you do to retain their business? Asking these questions in an email survey sent to the address associated with new customers’ online purchases can be an invaluable research. You can also give customers a text request option. Your customers can opt to get promotional texts and surveys.

Abandoned Cart Feedback

This one is very interesting because getting this step right can dramatically improve sales. A multiple-choice survey asking customers why they didn’t follow through with the purchase is a great idea because a full 77 percent of customers have abandoned an e-commerce cart recently.

Add a Live Chat Option

You’ve updated your website to make it compatible across today’s newest devices like smartphones and tablets, but have you done enough to reach out to customers proactively. Sure, you’ve made sure that when customers enter the right information you’re seen on page one of search engines…is there anything more you could be doing?

Yes, as it happens. You can add a live chat option on your website to answer customers’ questions. Try this: If a customer is staying on a particular webpage for more than a minute without scrolling, you can have a small popup icon near the bottom of the screen that offers them help a la live chat.

Including a live chat option for all customers has been shown to increase live chats threefold, and adding the live chat option lets customers know they’re supported.

Facebook Reactions

Facebook has recently gone beyond likes and sharing and now offers you the chance to cue up a “reaction” for customers. Consider inviting comments with customers’ scores.

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