4 Commercial Kitchen Upgrades to Do Before the July Rush Hits

With the summer rush just around the corner, restaurant owners and managers need to start thinking about renovations. Taking care of a few simple projects right now could help you avoid a wide variety of major problems down the road, and you want to be absolutely sure that your restaurant is ready for an influx of summertime customers. 

Refinish the Flooring

Refinishing your floors won’t necessarily be a time-consuming job, but you won’t be able to conduct any business during this project. That is why it needs to be carried out when your restaurant isn’t particularly busy. For newer floors, refinishing can usually be done in one or two days with nothing more than a few basic tools and some inexpensive supplies. Completely replacing older floors is a much larger project, and that type of renovation usually takes multiple days to complete. 

Install Drop Ceiling Tiles

There are quite a few reasons why many restaurant owners are now installing drop ceiling tiles in their kitchens. Commercial kitchen drop ceiling tiles are waterproof, flame-retardant, and resistant to mold. They are also very easy to clean and maintain, and that is going to have a major impact on your overhead. These types of tiles are usually very easy to install as well, and this project should take no more than a few days. 

Upgrade the Air Conditioner

Some restaurants spend tens of thousands of dollars a year on their heating and cooling costs, and that is completely impractical for many business owners. In order to keep your cooling costs at a reasonable level during the hottest months of the year, you need to make sure that the HVAC system remains well-maintained at all times. You should also have the entire HVAC system replaced once every 10 or 12 years. 

Add Outdoor Seating

One of the best ways to increase your business during the summer is to install outdoor seating. A covered patio is very appealing to many avid diners, and those are the customers you want to attract to your business. For restaurants in extremely hot climates, owners might want to consider installing fans and outdoor air conditioners as well. Those devices are very affordable, and they will make the outdoor seating area much more comfortable. 

In addition to these few projects, you must also make sure that all of your equipment is working flawlessly. If any devices or appliances haven’t been serviced within the last 12 months, then it is time to start calling certified mechanics and contractors.

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