Did You Hire the Right Social Media Manager?

When it comes to your company’s choice of social media manager, there are a couple of obvious skills you want them to have. Do they speak the language of social media fluently? Check. Do they understand your brand and how to promote it? Check. But as social media grows more important to businesses, the role of the social media manager is maturing. Understanding both social media and your brand are still cornerstones of good social media management, but your social media manager needs to have a well-rounded set of skills.

social.fwHere are the must-have skills that your social media manager should bring to the table…

Multiple Tasks at Hand – Social media offers your customers a way to connect instantly with your company. This is fantastic for building brand loyalty and having meaningful conversations with your customers. The flip side is that customers are quick to post their thoughts about your company for the world to see. Social media is a fast paced conversation, and part of the role of your social media manager is to make sure that conversation goes smoothly. From seeking out and solving problems to responding quickly to queries, your social media manager has their work cut out.

Be an Expert Team Player – Your social media manager must be able to work well with all members of your team. From the front line staff that pass on feedback to the marketing manager who tracks statistics, it’s vital that your social media manager works well with others. Understanding where social media fits into your brand’s marketing means that your social media manager will deliver a campaign that is integrated with your marketing, customer service, and your overall aims and objectives.

The Need for Excellent PR Skills – Now more than ever companies need great PR skills. It’s not enough to say the right things, good PR needs to solve problems and find resolutions. Your social media manager should have a knack for dealing with confused or downright irate customers and the diplomacy to pour oil on troubled waters in a way that boots, not bashes, your reputation. In addition, your social media manager needs a solid grasp of what to say and where to say it, discerning appropriate content, tone and focus for all social media posts.

Move Forward – Social media is quickly changing from a “could have” to a “must have”. More and more brands are on social media, and customers expect to find them there. Not only will your existing customers be looking for you, potential customers are turning to social media as their first stop when searching for new products. Social media raises brand awareness, and in terms of concrete results it can bring lead generation, referral traffic, higher revenues and improved customer loyalty. The importance of social media to your brand is clear. Making sure you have the right person with the best skill set for the job is a sound investment for any company.

Social media continues to grow in importance as more brands realize that having the right social media presence cannot be overlooked. Having someone tweet or post in their free time between other jobs no longer cuts the mustard – the need for knowledgeable and well-rounded social media managers is greater than ever. Whether you hire someone full-time in-house with years of social media experience, an individual that is interested in finding business administration degree jobs and knows a thing or two about social networking or farm out your social media to an outside firm, being more social in 2014 and beyond is not just a wish, it is a necessity.

About the Author: Tristan Anwyn is an author who writes on subjects as diverse as health, marketing, and SEO.