Brands Make Pitch for Healthier Consumers

healthyEating healthy is of the utmost importance for millions of consumers, which is why more and more brands are marketing healthy lifestyles. From all natural foods to healthy diets, consumers the world over are going the healthy route when it comes to eating.

Here are just a few ways marketers are responding to the push for good health:

Responsible Marketing

With health concerns due to poor eating on the rise, more and more food, beverage, and restaurant marketers are taking a responsible approach to food marketing. The food industry spends close to $2 billion a year on marketing in the U.S. alone.

Until recently, most of that money was spent on marketing foods and beverages high in sodium, fats, sugars, and calories.

However, consumers are quickly realizing the benefits of healthy eating and marketers are responding by putting healthy foods and diets in the spotlight.

From the products themselves to placement of the advertisements to the price of health foods, the food industry is helping to make healthy foods more visible and accessible for millions of consumers worldwide.

Drawing Attention to Unknown Ingredients

Avoiding foods that are high in fats and calories is important, but what about all of those other unknown ingredients? Food marketers are drawing attention to unhealthy ingredients in order to better educate consumers.

The article “Healthy Choices for Everyday Living: Ingredients Matter” recommends avoiding foods that contain sodium nitrates and nitrites, green 3 and red 3 food coloring, and butylated hydroxyanisole. Marketers are drawing attention to these unhealthy ingredients and others.

By putting unhealthy ingredients on consumers’ radars, food and beverage marketers as well as restaurant marketers are helping to make the public more aware of what they’re putting in their bodies.

Nutrition Facts Front and Center

Nutrition facts are the main resource for health information on food products. In the past, marketers would put nutrition facts in the most unnoticeable place possible: on the back of food packaging.

However, with the push for healthy eating, the food industry is now putting nutrition facts front and center, which is highlighting the nutritional value of foods.

For example, breakfast cereals for both adults and kids now feature nutrition facts such as fat, calorie, and sodium content on the front of the cereal box.

Restaurants are even joining in on the crusade for healthy eating by featuring fat and calorie information directly on their menus.

Healthy Options

A growing number of food manufacturers are offering healthier options of their most popular products. Snack foods and microwave meals made with whole grains and all natural ingredients are sweeping the aisles of grocery stores across the world.

Additionally, restaurants are also jumping on the health food bandwagon by including healthy eating options alongside their traditional offerings.

From low fat meals to smaller portions, marketers and the food industry are joining forces to make consumers more conscious about what they eat.

Consumers are responding to the healthy eating options in a big way. The health food craze isn’t just a trend – it’s here to last.

As more and more consumers realize the benefits of healthy eating, the popularity of healthy foods will continue to rise.

About the Author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including healthy eating and responsible marketing.