Better To Fly Than Go Under The Wing

Long-term practices are what keeps the most successful businesses ahead of the curve. Small business can sometimes find making the big decisions that will affect their ability down the road maybe 2 to 3 years. But as someone who’s going it alone or hoping to stay independent as long as possible, not flying underneath somebody else’s wing is the way to go. Many times you can actually see why some small businesses have to become engulfed and bought out by their larger rivals. It’s mostly due to not planning ahead and not having the ability to cross the road from small to medium size. You’ll end up just being collateral and soon your name, brand and soul of the company will fade away. There are a few things you should consider if you’re not planning on putting a price on your longevity.

Partner up

You’re surrounded by a field of other entrepreneurs who all want to beat you and become successful in their own right. They will be in the same position you are in the fact that they’re punching up to their overbearing competition. In this regard, if and when you use the services and or products of a small but rival business, and you approve of the quality, there could be more that unites you than separates. This is especially true for businesses and people that are not necessarily in the same field. Therefore if you like a marketing team, a photography artist, a financial planning service, a sales team etc., you should attempt to partner with them. You’re mutually benefitting from being each other’s personal right hand man but crucially without any strings attached. All your partners can still work independently, but whenever there is a project that requires their skills, they’ll be on hand as pertaining to the contract.


Photo by terimakasih0

A nationwide reach

In terms of successful communication, what is the most important thing for any business? It’s always being in reach of your customers. Morning, noon and night, weekday or weekend, holiday or not you must never have any kind of wall blocking you from direct contact with your consumer base. Millennials are changing the most popular form of communication via technology from calling someone to texting on smartphones. This is why you need your own number to call for your business. Take a look at the best text reminder service for business and how it could benefit you. As an entrepreneur, you think of yourself as small but might, you against the world. With an 800 number, you’re accessible nationwide. This gives the impression of a more professional business and doesn’t account for your small size. With this kind of service, you can send and receive text messages to and from customers. A gentle reminder about a sale you have on this week, maybe to tell customers about a new product being added to the line etc.

It’s not always better to go it alone, especially when you’re struggling and on the brink of collapse. But if your small business can fly under its own steam by planning the types of actions that will make sure you’re ready to upsize, you stand a better chance of survival.