4 Online Business Tools to Connect You to Your Niche Audience

You will experience greater conversions more quickly when you plan out campaigns that promote your active, online presence to your target market. Now that you have identified your niche and mastered the art of blogging, let’s guide your interested readership to the next level. Here are four online tools that will help you increase the number of your dedicated subscribers, i.e. cheerful buyers.


Use the headline feature box option to offer your readers the chance to sign up immediately upon entering your blog site. You can make the feature aspect an actual, free, digital item. Once your reader engages, your setup automatically sends it to their email through a separate, behind the scenes action. This way, the reader can continue to read the content on your blog page.


You can show your commitment to your blog readers when you employ the gratitude plugin on your content page. You can find this feature and its setup options through various app development services. Test out both letting this thank you for commenting box appear a few seconds after your reader begins typing their input, and letting the box pop up when the reader clicks on the submit button. Once you have sufficient comparison data to determine a preferred style, lock in on it. You can tweak this tool to read the submitted comments and set it to automatically offer an item of interest based on keywords recognized by the tool. For instance, if you host a weightloss blog and your reader comments about BMI, your gratitude tool could display an opportunity to purchase calipers.


You will discover that using a sticky footer affords you a significant increase in subscribers than the standard footer. The standard footer just sits at the bottom of your home page, and if your visitor gets distracted before getting to the end, they’ll never reach it. When you deploy the footer as a sticky object, it will appear at the lower section of your reader’s viewing device throughout their time scrolling through your content. This is extremely important because buying habits differ depending on whether visitors use mobile devices or a personal computer (PC). Similarly, buyers on mobile devices are typically time crunchers and clear about what they’d like to purchase.


Lastly, the exit app lets you catch a client on their way out, and remind them of something they’re likely to have on their wish list. For instance, if your niche is flyfishing, set an exit box to offer three free lures wherein they only pay shipping and handling (S&H) costs. Remember to include links to related items that you also sell in your confirmation of purchase emails somewhere after the package tracking number.

You can find these application features on sites such as Quicksprout and Optinmonster. Whatever the needs are for your company you’ll be able to solve creative solutions to problems through technology, and creative strategy based on market research. It’s easier than before to find niche audiences through apps than it was decades ago.

Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from West Jordan, Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing and spending time with her dog, Max.