Put #Technology to Work for Your #Business

social_diningIn order for business owners to truly satisfy their customers, they must have a strategy in place that includes technology.

Sure, some older businesses may be able to get by without a website or ever tuning in to social media, but they are becoming few and far between.

From the basics of having a website to growing your brand with mobile marketing, technology has so much to offer your business, not to mention your customers.

With that in mind, are you using technology at all points of operation to satisfy your customers? 

See Where Technology Works for You

So that your business can put technology to use at each and every turn, make sure you have these bases covered:

  • Website – First and foremost, your website needs to be a top priority, especially if you are a smaller business without the national brand name recognition. Your website requires solid marketing content, along with being promoted in social media. When you combine the right content with the right social media push, your search engine rankings are likely to rise. As a result of your Google and other rankings going up, more consumers are likely to notice your brand when they do a search for the particular products and/or services you offer;
  • Cloud – As more companies have discovered in recent years, the Cloud should be a necessity and not a choice. Whether you go with Washington DC network support services or another such Cloud provider, using the Cloud has multiple advantages for your business. The Cloud not only improves your ability to get projects done in a faster and more organized manner, but it also offers greater flexibility for you and your employees (if you have them). For those businesses with employees on the move and/or telecommuting, the Cloud gives them the ability to access all needed client data no matter where they’re working from. Instead of being tied to office computers, you and your employees can conduct business while on the road, allowing you to meet client deadlines. Lastly, Cloud services should prove ultimately cheaper than your current computer systems over the long run, including decreasing one’s startup expenses;
  • Social media – One of the biggest opportunities and still one of the most missed out ones for businesses is social media. When you put social networking to work for your business, you can satisfy customers in a number of ways. First, social media is a great means whereby you can engage with consumers literally 24/7. If a consumer has a question about or an issue with a brand in today’s information age, they oftentimes turn to social media. Whether using Facebook, Twitter or a host of other sites, consumers can either talk with other consumers or directly to a business. In doing so, they oftentimes do not have to wait to get someone on the phone or get a response from an email. If your business has been hesitant to use social media in the past, change that approach moving forward. Social media is also a great tool for businesses to see what consumers (and sometimes other businesses) are saying about their brand. Consumer feedback is invaluable, especially for newer businesses. You can also use social media in posting videos on YouTube. Such videos can be informational pieces about your products and services, your staff, how you’re a trendsetter in your respective industry and so much more;
  • Mobile marketing – The time has come for your business to deploy mobile marketing if it has not already. With mobile marketing, your brand can reach out to consumers at a moment’s notice. As more shoppers gravitate to using their mobile devices to browse and ultimately buy goods and services, it is important for you to be the first business they think about. Offer consumers the ability to download sales and other specials on their devices, providing them with more incentive to buy from you. Make sure any mobile campaigns you do (content, images, videos etc.) fit nicely on mobile devices. Otherwise, consumers will not be as inclined to peruse your deals if they can’t fully see them.

Driving forward with technology offers your business myriad of ways to satisfy customers.

The question is, are you taking advantage of technology or just sitting by as a passenger?

About the Author: Dave Thomas covers business topics on the web.

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