Why Social Media And SEO Are Perfect Bedfellows

Thanks to social media, the way companies are advertising has had to change. Before, it was okay just to spam your customers with adverts and banners and hope that they come to your site. But in today’s world, things are a little different. No only do you have to get your content in front of their eyes, you also have to make sure that it’s content that is interesting for your audience.

Social media strategy, therefore, relies on solid content and a strong brand presence. But it also relies on competent SEO. After all, good SEO can help drive traffic to your content and greatly increase its impact.

The problem, however, is that when it comes to discussing social media, many marketers leave out the details on exactly how it can affect your Google ranking. Instead of discussing exactly how social media can improve SEO, it’s left as something that is implicit: in other words, the reader has to just guess at how social media boosts their site.

Here we’re going to look at just some of the ways that social media can boost your SEO. Take a look at this.

Your Total Number Of Followers Matters

It turns out that the total number of followers you have on your social media account affects how well your site ranks. A company that has a couple dozen Twitter followers will do better than if they had none at all. But their rankings won’t get nearly the same bonus as a mega corporation which has a million followers on Twitter and Facebook.



It’s important, however, to point out that Google can tell the difference between organic and bought followers on social media sites. Businesses, therefore, need to think about ways to grow their social media following organically. It’s a slow process, but it can be achieved by posting helpful articles and tips on a regular basis.

Social Media Encourages External Links

Back in the early days of SEO, it was all about link-building. Since then, however, other methods of ranking your site, like dwell time, have grown in importance. External links, however, remain the cornerstone of how Google decides where to rank your site.

The great thing about social media is that it can encourage these links. Instead, of relying on people finding your site through blind luck or having to manually go there by typing in the URL, social media provides you with an instant community to advertise your site. People going to your site through social media are more likely to link to it since they know the people behind the company.

Optimized Posts Are Good For Searches

Google doesn’t just list website pages in its search results, it also lists social media updates too. If you know what search terms your audience is using, you can tailor your social media updates to match their search queries. This, in turn, will make it more likely that your social media feed will appear high up in the Google search results. High rankings are usually temporary using this method, but they can be sustained through regular updates.



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