How to Create More Productive Office Space

Nowadays, employers try to encourage and motivate their employees to be more productive. However, having the ‘boss’ motivation is not enough. In order to have a successful business and happy employees, you have to create a more productive office space. But how to do that? Well, some things in the office have to change. Usually, by making small changes like wall colors, noise reduction, better lighting or air conditioning can make a huge difference. But, besides that, there are many other ways to make your employers more comfortable and create a more productive office space.

Introduce Different Colors

Different colors have different effects on people. Subconsciously, colors can influence the way people think. So, if you know which colors to use, you will be able to create a more productive office space. Here are some colors to take into consideration:

  • White – This color represents simplicity, but also has a modern appeal. Even though many believe that the color white is too simple and bland, it can be amazing if used in a proper manner. White is also great for those people who do not like distractions of any kind as it is very clean, sleek and as previously mentioned, simple.
  • Green – It is a proven fact that different shades of green are linked to more creative thoughts. Green is the color of the natural world, and because of that, it is associated with growth. So, if you want your employees and colleagues to be more productive, then think green.
  • Blue – This color has been voted the best color for an office space. And it is, generally, the most loved color all over the world. Maybe it is because the color blue is the color of the sea and the sky, so it has those calming effects on people.

Colors to avoid for an office space according to super productive people:

  • Red – Many people claim that the color red is too intense and reduces analytical thinking.
  • Brown – This color is associated with laziness. People who usually enjoy this color want to be unnoticed.
  • Black – Maybe the worst choice for an office, as it is known to kill the mood.

Create an Open Environment

Nowadays, the most popular and common office trend is to have an open environment, that is, an open space. Separate offices and cubicles were created in order to easily fit more people in a small area. Employees started felling crammed, closed and isolated, and after some time, everybody started hating them. That is why, if you want to create a more productive office space, you have to create a more open space. Everybody will be happy about this. There will be more room for walking, interacting with each other and productivity. People always work better when they are surrounded by others. That is a secret to creating a more successful office space.

Windows and Lighting Improve Productivity

Having a lot of windows, that is, having natural lighting is a crucial thing when it comes to creating more productive office space. However, this is also the most difficult thing to change. If your current office does not have enough windows, consider finding and relocating to a new one. Try talking with a moving expert, heor she will tell you everything you need to know about office moving. Maybe this sounds like an expensive thing to do, but you will be surprised when you see how much simple widows can increase the productivity of your employees.

But, if moving an office is not a possibility, you must invest in proper lighting. Try using artificial lighting like spotlights or full-spectrum bulbs. These are just some of the amenities you should have in your office and building.

Bring Nature Inside

Even small things like a couple of plants in the corners of your workspace can make a huge difference and create more productive office space. You do not even have to get those big plants either, even small pots on the desk can do the trick. There was a research that proved that having plants in the office can increase the level of productivity by 15%. Moreover, as previously mentioned, the color green is associated with growth and creativity. If you transform your office into a happier and healthier place, work will not feel like work.

Control the Noise

People always complain about the noise. Either in their own homes or in the working environment. Noise can drastically lower the productivity level. It is associated with stress and illnesses. If your office has an open plan, make sure that there is enough room for everybody and that it is not overcrowded. An open concept office is great for teamwork, however, if some project requires individual work, you must think about how to reduce the noise to help your employees. For example, you can invest in sound masking systems. They are great for getting rid of unwanted sounds. The cheaper option would be getting noise-canceling headphones.

Clean the Office Daily

There is a saying ‘messy desk equals creative mind’. However, a cluttered, dirty and messy desk and office are more likely to create problems than a more productive and creative working environment. The key to being organized, creative and productive is staying tidy! If possible, try to find a place in your budget for professional cleaners to come to your office every day, or at least, two or three times a week. Or, have a meeting with your employees and find a way to clean and organize the office together. The office must be an inviting space at all times. Not only for the employees, but also for the new potential clients. Nobody would like to sit in a dirty and messy place all they long. And, most certainly, no client will want your services, if you welcome them in an unorganized and a dirty office.

Author Bio

Angie Sims worksfor by day and as a professional organizer and designer by night. Her specialty is designing offices, both separate and open concept ones. She has 6 years of experience in both of these industries. She has also worked as a columnist in some magazines related to entrepreneurship.