9 Quirky Things Every Serviced Office Is Required to Have

Many self-employed individuals and start-up companies prefer to establish their initial work places at serviced offices. This is because most serviced offices are easy to maintain, at affordable prices.

check_iStock_000016849530XSmallDon’t be contented in offering plain services and features at your serviced office in Singapore. Avoid letting things get old in your office over time. Let these quirky features spice up your serviced office’s premises, and amaze your clients instantly!

  1. Fast Internet Connection, At All Times

Of course, any regular client expects fast internet connection at an office space for rent of his/her choice. Having said this, you need to make an effort in fixing slow internet connection at your serviced office, whenever the need arises.

Don’t put the blame on others whenever your clients complain about slow online connection at your serviced office. Instead, take the initiative to think out of the box to fix the problem as soon as possible.

If slow connection persists, you may want to consider upgrading your connection type before you start losing clients. Be resourceful so you can be one of the first serviced offices to incorporate an internet connection atypical in Asia (e.g., a satellite or cable connection).

  1. Furnished Personal Computers and/or Laptops

Serviced office clients value convenience above everything else. In lieu of this, furnished personal computers and/or laptops at your serviced office will go a long way in attracting multiple clients.

Your clients will likely be busy professionals who live life on the go. For this reason, obviously, they’ll appreciate any extra effort on your part to make office set-ups additionally convenient for them.

Remember to charge reasonable fees to clients who will use the furnished computers at your serviced office. Earn extra revenues while ensuring maximum client satisfaction along the way.

  1. Advanced Computer Tutorial Services

Give your clients something to look forward to at your serviced office. Offer computer tutorial services to clients who wish to upgrade their knowledge at par with the digital era.

Offer these tutorial services in best deal packages. Retain loyal clients while offering outstanding services at par beyond your clientele’s expectations.

  1. Sit and Stand Desks

Be one of the first serviced offices in Singapore to furnish sit stand desks for clients’ convenient use.

Sitting and standing for a long time while working is one of the serious health conditions many people have had for a long time. Become the driving force in turning your clients’ health for the better at your serviced office by furnishing this new generation hybrid furniture.

  1. An Aesthetical Conference Room

Aesthetical views have known to have provided emotional therapeutic effects to many individuals. When things get hectic at the work place for your clients, let the aesthetic views in your serviced office’s conference room relax and calm the frantic nerves and senses. Make a difference in your clients’ lives by making them feel comfortable doing their work at your serviced office.

  1. A Movie Viewing Room

A movie viewing room at a serviced office entertains after a hard day’s work. Give your clients something to look forward to at your serviced office after they’ve had their share of work load for the day.

  1. A Mini Resting Lounge

You need to be prepared for any unexpected events that may come up while your clients use your office’s facilities. A mini resting lounge with a comfortable couch is an essential facility at a serviced office whenever medical emergencies arise. It’s just like having an area similar to a clinic at your serviced office!

  1. On Request Snacks and Drinks

Let your clients know you care about the things that make them happy. Offer your clients the options of requesting specific snacks and drinks at minimal prices. Make your clients feel at home while they work and spend time at your serviced office.

  1. Fire Safety Orientations

Stand out amongst the other serviced offices in the country by demonstrating fire safety orientation to each client during his/her first day of rental. Build strong relationships with your clients. Show them you care about their well-being not just on a professional, but also on a personal basis.

Don’t just settle for an ordinary image when it comes to providing serviced office spaces to clients. Stand out, and shine, by incorporating the quirky things mentioned above within your serviced office’s premises.


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Mariam Montecillo is a blogger and infopreneur who writes on various topics mainly health and fitness. At present she works on behalf of LandedCondoPro.com, a portal for those who are looking for service office, new condo launches and landed property in Singapore. The objective of this site is to guide and help anyone to find the best deal.

Make Your Office Space State of the Art

shutterstock_124505854If walking through your office is like taking a step back into technology’s past, then it’s time you transform your office space into a state of the art work environment. Old office equipment isn’t only problematic it also runs slower and inhibits productivity.

In order to help take your office into the next technological frontier, here are a few reasons why your workplace needs top-notch equipment:

Increased Productivity

When all systems are go, your office and its employees can concentrate on the work at hand. Updating and upgrading your business’s tired and outdated computers, printers, and network hardware will allow your employees to work at their optimal capacity and without interruption.

On the other hand, an office that’s outfitted with outdated technology is slower and less reliable. Whether it’s an old printer that’s not functioning properly or something as serious as an office-wide system crash, you are taking a risk with outdated office equipment.

Up-To-Date Warranties and Service

Workplace hardware and equipment that hasn’t been updated in years is likely out of warranty. This means your business is responsible for all repairs and replacement parts, which will occur more often as time goes on.

With a state of the art office, you can rest assured that when something does malfunction, it’s covered by a warranty. In addition, the older the equipment, the less likely your IT staff is able to make repairs and upgrades.

Whether it’s a hardware or software issue, older equipment doesn’t usually have the parts and tech support available that state of the art equipment does.

More Capabilities

Technology is advancing all the time and the capability of office equipment is increasing right along with it. By outfitting your office with new technology, you’re giving your employees increased workplace capabilities.

For example, instead of employees being tethered to their desks, the Bluetooth frontier is making it possible for employees to roam free in order to get the job done. Wireless devices like the Logitech Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard K810 are just one example of how major retailers like Walmart are helping you take your office to new technological heights with sound products.

Improved Efficiency

Energy efficiency is the name of the game with just about everything in the world of technology. If your office is sucking power with slow-running, power hungry electronics and office equipment, then you’re not only hurting your workplace productivity, but your business’s bottom dollar too.

Old electronics and equipment that constantly run are electricity wasters, which can really cost your business money in the long run. However, new office electronics not only run more efficiently, they also have improved power saving modes that come in handy during the weekends and when your employees are away from their desks.

21st Century Office Appeal

Aesthetically speaking, new, improved, and streamlined office equipment simply makes your office space look better. When equipment is smaller, more intuitive, and more stylish, it encourages your employees to up their games. In addition, if you have clients come to your office, state of the art technology gives the impression your business is part of the 21st century.

If you’re on the fence about updating your office equipment, let the pointers above help sway your decision in a technologically advanced direction.

About the Author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including technology and workplace productivity.