Keep The Heart Of Your Online Business Beating

What is the heart of your online business? If you think about this question carefully, the answer should be obvious. It’s your website. Your social profile, any apps you have, stores or blogs all stem back to this. If customers type in the name of your business into a search engine this is what they’ll find first. You might get some customers who discover your business through social media and other sources, but they will all trickle back to your site. It’s also the place where most of the content for your business will be born. You’ll release it on the site and the promote it through the web and this means that the design needs to be on point. You can’t afford to have a site that’s not working effectively. If a heart stops beating, the body dies. So here’s how to make sure that metaphor doesn’t fit the state of your company.


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Keep Content Flowing

Make sure that there is always fresh content being added to your site. The content that you release needs to be kept to exceptionally high levels of quality and be on a schedule. Every day there should be more pieces added to your site, designed to attract the interest of customers. If you find your site is getting overloaded you can always set up a blog. But the more content you have, the better off your business will be. It will lead to a higher search ranking and a wider reach online. You may also want to consider dabbling in UGC. The audience for UGC is essentially built into the idea. They will want to read or share it because it was produced by someone like them.

Clever Design Work

The basis of your business needs to be strong with a solid foundation. You need to make sure that it is easy to adapt and simple to use. There are plenty of design companies offering services such as front-end javaScript development so that you can ensure this is the case. Don’t just rely on the designer to create a product that works though. Make sure that you understand how the website works as well. Remember, you need to be able access it once it’s already up and running. Of course, there are two sides of the coin to take into consideration here.

There’s what you see and what your customer sees. Your customers want a site that is easy for them to use and understand. If you don’t deliver that, you’ll struggle to keep them engaged.

Colour, Bright, Exciting

Lastly, the worst thing that your site can be is dull and dreary. Google are now looking at how long people stay on a site when determining site ranking and this is a smart move. If customers are immediately clicking off even after they’ve made a purchase, it suggests the site isn’t built to survive the long haul. Add pictures, videos, infographics and vary your content so that it doesn’t just look like a constant flow of text for customers to scroll.