Going Global: How to Market to an International Audience

Building a business is not an easy task. When your brand is launching a global initiative, then the stakes and work are much harder. How do you reach out to an unfamiliar audience? Here are four strategies for global marketing success that your company can implement right away.

Take advantage of social media platforms

It’s simple, it’s affordable, but it’s also essential to modern business marketing success. The Internet is a global community where your brand can reach any audience. Almost three and a half billion people socialize on the web each year. In the past year alone, that number has risen nearly ten percent. Taking advantage of that kind of exposure will make a significant impact on your brand awareness and lead generation. It’s also important to realize that people get a lot of their information today from social media, so be sure to keep your business’s social media pages up to date.

Customize your message to more demographics

Do you know how your marketing comes across to other cultures? You need a targeted approach to reach the people who want your products and will build your brand, no matter where they are from or what their demographic is. For example, if you make products for people from South America, Mexico, or even the growing latinx population in America, then it may be prudent to hire out for Hispanic marketing. Forbes says that talking to a consultant familiar with the demographic to ensure your marketing style is giving potential consumers the right image of your brand. Surveys are helpful for narrowing down your primary audience, as well, and can give you a better idea of who you are reaching and who you are failing to reach.

Improve website quality

The more professional your website looks, the better the chance that people looking for your services and goods will stay to browse. High-quality sites use organic keywords and fresh and relative content. By creating shareable content on your site, you can also get increased exposure by the internet’s version of word-of-mouth: trending. Professional photographs and videos are important if you want to give your website a professional appearance and make your content more shareable. In today’s market, it’s also incredibly important to ensure that your website is mobile friendly, as so many web searches for products and services take place on cell phones. 

Host events for your industry to introduce the business to the world

Encourage conversation about the company online and create fundraisers, volunteer opportunities, trade fairs, exhibits and more. For example, an automotive company might build a custom vehicle to take to SEMA, the Specialty Equipment Market Association event in Las Vegas. Taking part in these types of events allows new brands to emerge and show they are ready to compete. Existing firms can launch new products and reach more customers. Even better, if you host these types of events for your industry, then you’ll be putting yourself forward as an established and competitive player in your field while increasing brand awareness.

Going global is tricky, but with the right tools and avenues, businesses can reach large audiences. Building online profiles is a key marketing tool for growing a customer base and being a successful business. Educate yourself and your team about the specific market structure and pay attention to political and financial news to avoid conflicts, and you’ll be able to reach a far greater audience than ever before.

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