3 Things You Never Want to Experience With Customer Relations

Nightmares can affect us in many different ways. A recurring nightmare can constantly pester us and force us to wake up worried and in cold sweats, and they can also become psychologically damaging at times. Luckily, this is rare and most of us experience nightmares because we’re worried about something. Whether it’s a phobia of losing your business or being embarrassed during a public appearance, here are some of the customer relations nightmares that you never want your business to go through, and also how to avoid them.


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  1. Injuring a Member of the Public, a Client or a Customer

All hell will break loose if you injure someone in your line of work. When it’s someone in your own company, then it can usually be handled in a professional manner. This is because the employee doesn’t want to lose their job and the employer doesn’t want to create a public outcry or draw attention from the media.

Injuries can happen in a number of different ways, and there’s a huge difference between physical and psychological injuries. For example, specialised services like Elan Law bed bug lawyer may be required if you operate a service such as a hotel or fashion store. Bed bugs can easily transfer between people on their clothes, and it can create widespread panic. No one wants to be told that a customer found a bedbug in one of their packages you sent overseas, and it will create a storm of negative publicity.

In order to prevent situations like this, it’s important to learn everything about your business and plan for any possible failures because there’s no coming back from it. Make one mistake, and you’ll likely lose a huge chunk of your business, if not the entire company.

  1. Going Viral in All the Wrong Ways on the Internet

Going viral on the internet can happen in a number of different ways, but you’ll ideally want it to happen in a positive way. Going viral for negative reasons will get you out there but, contrary to popular belief, not all publicity is positive. The internet is a ruthless and cutthroat place, so if you want to stand out it has to be for all the good reasons and you may even need to learn about how internet culture works if you want to take advantage of going viral. The last thing you want is to have your name associated with an internet meme that mocks your company, because you will forever be branded as a joke business that can’t be taken seriously.

  1. Being Ridiculed by Another Company With No Comeback

And lastly, on the topic of internet culture, it’s important to understand that other companies will try and take advantage of internet trends to bring your business down. For instance, Wendy’s started a social media stir when its Twitter operator started ridiculing other companies and people on Twitter. The Tweets went viral and boosted business for Wendy’s. Although it sounds ludicrous that negative comments directed at paying customers helped to boost their business, it’s one of the quirks of the internet and you need to be ready to appeal to the general audience of social media if you want to remain successful. If you’re on the receiving end of this type of ridiculing, then you need to prepare a comeback or else you’ll be shunned by many young and impressionable consumers.

Know the Value Behind CRM Implementation

shutterstock_129322772Healthy customer relationships are the key to your business’s success, which is why customer relationship management is so important.

Using CRM software can help your business take sales efficiency and customer satisfaction to all new heights.

Here are just a few of the benefits of implementing CRM software into your business:

 CRM in Today’s Business World

Customer relationship management software can help your business manage a number of customer interactions.

From automating and organizing sales to streamlining the customer service, tech support, and marketing process, it’s no wonder more and more of today’s businesses are using CRM.

Among the examples:

  • Marriott – As one of the world’s largest hotel chains, Marriott was an early adopter of CRM software and still uses it today. In fact, Marriott uses CRM to track and centralize conference room availability across all of its locations. This allows the hotel chain to better market to business groups and conference vendors.
  • Birchbox – As a leader in personalized beauty boxes delivered to customers’ doorsteps, Birchbox has to have its customer management under control. That’s why the online cosmetics retailer uses CRM to track the contact information of all its customers. By doing so, Birchbox increased subscribers from 600 to more than 400,000 in just three years.
  • Boise Office Solutions – Information technology and service provider Boise Office Solutions has millions of customers across the nation. In order to keep track of contact information, Boise uses CRM software to combine nearly 2.2 million customer records from different locations into one database. This helps the company serve its clients more efficiently.

As the following article looks at, don’t let CRM implementation killers get in the way of using customer relationship management software within your business.

Besides, the benefits of CRM are well-worth the implementation process.

Better Customer Relations

With CRM software, your business can improve customer satisfaction across all departments. CRM automatically and systematically tracks all your servicing and customer interactions.

This helps your business pinpoint and solve customer issues faster.

Because the CRM process is automated, you can rest assured that no customer is left behind. Customer relations efficiency like this helps increase customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Improved Sales Management

CRM doesn’t just help improve customer relations; it also provides vast insights on your business’s sales process. With CRM, your business can keep better tabs on your sales teams and their lead generation.

Likewise, CRM can give your business a firsthand look at closing sales statistics, which directly correlates to your customers.

Increased Platform Integration

Most CRM software is compatible with a number of different operating systems and applications. This is a huge benefit considering your business already has an established computer network in place.

CRM software is also able to integrate with most social media sites including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

This makes it possible for your business to track customer and follower responses to your social campaigns. By doing so, your business can optimize its social media outreach.

When your business is ready to automate the customer relations process, consider CRM software.

About the Author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including software solutions and customer relations.