Get in the Business of #Brand #Promotions

How do you make sure your brand is far and above the competition when it comes to brand promotions?

For some business owners, the trick is making sure that competitors never get the upper-hand on them when it comes to marketing and advertising.

If you’re letting your competition get the better of you when it comes to selling your brand to consumers, is it because your message is not on target or because you’re not putting enough firepower (money, promotions etc.) behind your message? Either way, you could be missing out on some great opportunities, opportunities that can translate into an increased revenue stream when all is said and done.

So, are you ready to get in the business of more brand promotions? brand

Printing the Right Message and Selling It

In the event your company needs to step up its game when it comes to brand promotions, keep these ideas at the forefront:

  1. Message – First and foremost, what kind of message are you trying to send consumers? If you feel like your products and/or services are second to none, then explain that in everything from flyers to blog posts. When you have a product or service that the competition simply can’t touch, you need to alert consumers to this fact;
  2. Printing – Even if your message is the best in the world, you have to get it out to the public for it to be heard. You can do that via myriad of means, with flyers, emails, blog posts, social media, mobile marketing being among the best ways to do this. For those flyers, pamphlets, business cards, brochures, posters and other such needs, finding the right printing company is something that one should never take for granted. Having not only the right message, but a colorful design that turns heads, is critical. You want to leave an impression with consumers each and every time they pick up one of your promotional products. In choosing the best printer for such needs, get lots of samples with which to work from. As important as pricing is, the quality of the job is worth spending the extra dollars if necessary;
  3. Distribution – With the right message printed on the right materials, you now move into the distribution mode. Where will you be best-served when it comes to distributing your promotional items? One of the best venues is when you’re attending networking conferences, trade shows etc. These places are ripe for the picking when it comes to drumming up new business. Be sure to not only hand out your promotional items, but also place them strategically throughout the facility hosting the event. If you have a booth at a trade show, not only place your stuff in front of and inside your booth area, but also by the door leading into the show etc. The more eyes seeing your company name, the more chances you have of landing new clients;
  4. Socializing – Any pamphlets, flyers, business cards etc. that have your name and contact information on them should be plastered all over social media. For example, your banner header on top of your Facebook page can include your company’s logo, website address etc. This is a great way to get some promotion that is essentially free. You should also make sure you engage both consumers and others businesses (except the direct competition typically) with your social media posts. Once again, having your logo and business details printed on various items allows you to promote them on social sites. If you’re not all that experienced with social networking, you should be promoting your brand on sites such as the already mentioned Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and more.

When you know what message you want to deliver to consumers, make sure you have the right printer at your side.

The time and effort that goes into those printing details can mean the difference between winning more business and standing pat.

Get in the business of more brand promotions the second half of this year and moving forward.

When you do, you can all but guarantee you will be printing more success.

About the Author: Dave Thomas writes about business and marketing topics on the web.

Is Your Brand Producing the Best Promotions?

brandWhat makes your brand really get the attention of consumers? If you have to pause and think about answering that question, you may already be in a bit of trouble.

For business owners who are sailing along with winning brands, the answer/s to the earlier question should be relatively easy.

Whether it is award-winning products and/or services, customer service that is second to none, or the ability to hire and retain the top talent out there, you should be able to point out what makes your brand the best.

With that being the case, is your brand producing the best promotions?

Talk About Your Brand Whenever and Wherever

So that your brand can get the full attention that it deserves, it is important to do the following:

  • Hire the best – Unless you are a one-person show who basically does everything, your brand is going to have to hire the best and the brightest out there. In doing so, you put your company in position to succeed on a regular basis. The majority of consumers want companies that are willing to go above and beyond what is typically expected when it comes to customer service initiatives. Make sure you remind your employees on a regular basis how important customer service is. In many instances, it just takes one bad or good customer service experience to sway a consumer one way or the other;
  • Properly market all the time – No matter what forms of marketing you do, you can never do enough of it so it seems. From traditional email marketing to doing video marketing through a provider such as an Orlando video production company or one closer to your place of business, never short-change you or your brand when it comes to marketing. The right mix of marketing can oftentimes be just the ticket to punch for more sales. Use your marketing initiatives regularly and wisely, not coming across as too sales happy with consumers. One area of marketing that some brands fail to connect with is networking and conference/trade shows. These are all great opportunities to market your products and/or services, so don’t miss out on them. Some business owners have scaled back their trips to conferences and trade shows, instead opting to do more teleconferences etc. While you certainly need to be wise in which events you pick and choose, avoiding them altogether is not in your best interests. Both consumers and other businesses attend many of the bigger shows (and some smaller ones too) in a laundry list of industries, so being there to market your goods should be a priority;
  • Hammer out solid content – Another key piece to the brand promotion puzzle is your website’s content. Once maybe looked at as an afterthought by many businesses (unfortunately, some still do this today), your website content is crucial to your brand promotions. With that being the case, never place content on your site that you would not be proud to have others (notably consumers) see. If you’re not able to product enough solid content in-house, look to get those outside your business to assist you, be they guest bloggers doing it for free or content marketing specialists. Either way, your brand’s content needs to essentially tell a story, that story being why consumers should make you their go-to choice when it comes to buying certain products and/or services. Finally, the content should be that which has a call to action at the end. Giving consumers a reason to want to reach out to you is always a good thing. If you write blog content that does just that, you can expect to see more website traffic, hopefully leading to more sales when all is said and done.

In producing the best promotions for your brand, be sure to put your products and/or services in the best light possible.

When you do that, you increase the odds of getting more website traffic, more business, and of course ultimately more revenue.

If your brand is ready to take off and soar today and not tomorrow, make it a priority to be the best brand promoter going.

About the Author: Dave Thomas covers marketing and business topics on the web.

Marketing Your Brand with a Purpose

In the world of marketing, there are those who succeed and those who wish they had come up with a better strategy to promote their brand.


If you find yourself in the former group, take a few seconds to pat yourself on the back. For those in the latter group, don’t despair. Even though your marketing campaign/s may have failed, it does not mean you can’t come at it with a new approach moving forward.

While some marketing campaigns fail for obvious reasons, others don’t work because perhaps the timing wasn’t right or the competition was just a little bit better. The key is to learn from what went wrong and how to prevent that from being the case once again.

Run Through Your Promotion Checklist

In order to make your marketing promotions sizzle, remember some of these tips moving forward:

  1. Your audiences – Before you do anything else know and understand those you are targeting for potential sales. If you are promoting auto or homeowner’s insurance, targeting senior citizens in their 80’s for example is all but a waste of time. If you go after the demographic of consumers in their 20’s and 30’s, however, you could ring up a fair amount of sales. On the flip side, those marketing more about cablevision stand a better chance landing senior citizens who oftentimes are home more than someone in college or just going out into the working world, therefore they are more likely to make sales for television, phone and Internet bundles. At the end of the day, you should research ALL demographics to see if sales are possible, but zero-in on where you have the best chance to land new clients;
  2. Your reach – If you are just using traditional marketing means to reach consumers, you are missing out on a bigger revenue stream. You should not only be using traditional marketing avenues, but also social media and mobile marketing. With social media, fire-up your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and other such pages. Make sure you are posting on such sites regularly; also be sure to respond to consumer inquiries. As for the best times to post on social media, don’t post all in one big social push and then abandon your pages for a few days. Consistency is a key when it comes to marketing via social. As for mobile marketing, don’t be in the dark on this option. With millions of consumers living on their mobile devices, you stand a great chance of connecting with them when you send out text messages on special rewards programs, mobile coupons etc. Make sure, however, that you are approaching consumers who are interested in your product/service in order to avoid becoming a spam nuisance;
  3. Your competitors – While you never want to mimic what your competition does, you can learn some tricks and traits from them. Take a look at how they market their brand and see what works and what does not click. Also track their social media interactions with consumers, looking to see if you can capitalize on some things they are not doing properly. If they’re slow to respond to consumer inquiries and/or issues, you could be just what the consumer is looking for (but do it professionally, never bad-mouthing your competitors).

Marketing in today’s fast-paced world can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be impossible.

Know who you need to go after and market like there is no tomorrow.


About the Author: Dave Thomas writes for a variety of websites on topics such as marketing and technology.

Do Interns Play A Major Role in Your Brand Promotions?

branding_greenAn important facet of any business these days is social media. Without a social media face, businesses are missing out. Social media is critical in gathering new business, keeping customers informed of your world and keeping up with current business trends and efforts.

But who’s going to run your social media? Do you have the time? Do you have the know-how? If you or someone else at your business doesn’t, you may want to think about using an intern to run your social media.

Why would you use an intern to run your social media?

  • Twenty some things are the experts on social media. They know what sites are hot, which apps are hotter, and the best ways of reaching out on social media.
  • They usually bring an energy and excitement that social media needs and expects which may be lacking in your older, busier employees.
  • It doesn’t necessarily have to be a full time position, so they can either be part time or else have other responsibilities in addition to social media.
  • They can teach you a thing or two so when they leave, you can pick it up.
  • Your intern can sift through social media communication and answer what’s easy and pass on what needs a more expert touch to you or the appropriate contact.

Many people are still asking how important is a college degree in 2014? The answer is very; employers want to see a college degree. Therefore, college kids are working hard and trying to make the most of their college experience to prepare for the work world. Internships are pretty critical aspects of education, and using an intern is often a win-win situation for both student and business. Still, you should watch out for a couple of things when considering an intern.

What to be careful of if using an intern for social media:

  • They may not be as consistent or as invested as you or other employees (however, usually interns work hard because it’s the first step in a career and you have the potential to be a really good reference).
  • Though they may know social media, they may not know your industry as well as you do. You don’t want misinformation or a major faux pas landing in the big world of the Internet.
  • The possibility of overloading them exists and your social media could suffer. If you’re piling on other responsibilities that may seem to take precedence, social media could suffer if it’s perceived to be less important. Just make it clear what your expectations are.

Social media is tricky – it often appears to be a small part of running a business, but instead, it’s an important marketing face. Social media needs to wear an excited, current tone, and who better to direct that than an excited, current intern?

Just remember, handle things on your end, too, and give clear expectations and guidelines. You never what you may learn, too, and soon you can be tweeting and Instagramming yourself!

About the Author: Heather Legg is an independent writer covering topics related to social media, small business and health and well-being.