A Shortcut To The Skills: Areas Where Outsourcing Can Really Save You Time And Money

As a business that is constantly looking forward, we’ve all got to embrace the latest trends, albeit to an extent. Whether we’ve gone analog and we’re embracing a new era of digital transformation, or we’re looking to round off the edges, the latest trends don’t necessarily mean the best for our business. Outsourcing is one of those things that, understandably, we all look upon with some form of trepidation. Some think outsourcing rids businesses of their personality, but outsourcing, for numerous startups, can save an infinite amount of time and money. Let’s show you how.

The Ever-Changing Technological Landscape

Because technology progresses at such a rate, the race can be hard to keep up with. These days, as there are so many different IT consulting firms, such as cyberjaz.net, we can choose the right company to partner up with, so they can guide us with a steady hand through these changes. For those people who aren’t able to acquire the skills of workers in-house, outsourcing to an IT support company can make the processes easier to handle.

Content Marketing

Creating content that is easy to absorb by potential customers is a fine art, because it can come across as being a bit too commercial-esque in the wrong hands. And when we haven’t got the time to learn how best to develop our voice, we have to outsource to a content marketing company that has the strategies in place that lends themselves well to your brand. The goal is always the same- to sell products- but we have to do it in such a way that it doesn’t seem like you are relying on sales and leads. We have to generate leads but we have to start relationships with our customers.


You may think it’s easier to manage all of the tasks yourself. After all, when you are a novice startup, it’s cheaper! But because the balancing of many plates can result in a dip in productivity, outsourcing to a bookkeeping company isn’t just taking advantage of their expertise, but it’s offloading the more mundane and stressful tasks. Your business needs adequate accounts and documents to support every item of expenditure, and while there are many reasons to not use outsourced bookkeeping services, accountingdepartment.com provides a solid argument for you to use them. You can’t be too careful when it comes to your money. After all, it’s a legal requirement that you keep everything in order.

Outsourcing isn’t a bad word anymore, and it is certainly a way for us to take advantage of the resources out there when we can’t complete certain tasks ourselves. Put simply, outsourcing gives you the opportunity to look at the skills you don’t have, and give the tasks to those that do. From content marketing to bookkeeping and the complicated minefield that is technology, we’ve got so many aspects to outsource. But these things can save us so much time, not to mention money. We could spend years finding the right people to benefit our business, but we have to pay them a full wage. Outsourcing is a great shortcut to the skills.

5 Key Areas That You Should Always Look To Outsource

In business, everyone will always have their own way of doing things. Some prefer to micromanage, others want to take a step back, and some will prefer to only keep their toes in what’s going on. And whatever works out for each business the best, is often the greatest solution for them. However, from here, there’s also the great debate of working out where you sit when it comes to the idea of hiring in-house or outsourcing. Both options come with their ups and downs, but when you look at outsourcing, it’s hard not to be impressed by the benefits. Because when you outsource a certain function or area of the business, you’re going to save yourself time and money. And the best part is that you’ve got experts working on it, so you know that it’s going to be done properly. So let’s take a look at the five key areas you should consider outsourcing.

Customer Service

First of all, you have your customer service. And this is always the first thing to think about outsourcing. But we’re not just talking about sending it off to some company that can just take it off of your hands. Instead, you need a dedicated company that is going to be able to do a much better job than you can. Because keeping your customers happy should be at the core of everything that you do. So you need a service that will be able to talk to your customers from all angles and really ensure that their needs are met and queries are taken care of.


When it comes to HR, there’s often a lot that you need to cover off. And it can be overwhelming. There are a lot of rules and regulations that you need to, and making mistakes is not something that any of us wants to do. But when you outsource to a specialist company, you don’t have to worry about it. You know that the team will be taking care of everything, keeping you legal, and ensure that your staff are looked after.




When you’re busy, you do not want to be dealing with computer issues. So this is where IT support comes in. By hiring the right support company, you don’t have to worry about downtime or having to deal with issues yourself. It will all be taken care of for you.


Next, you’ve got finance. And this one can be debatable, but unless you want to bring a full team in to take care of things, outsourcing your finance department could be what you need. After all, you need to keep your eye on the prize, so things need to be taken care of expertly.


And finally, you’ve also got your sales department too. If you know that you’re not great at making sales, and you really don’t have the time to take this on, then bringing in a specialist sales or business development company will not only save you time, but it will be in the best interest of your business.

Why Entrepreneurs Should Outsource IT

When it comes to managing a business in the modern world, there is no getting away from the fact that most entrepreneurs will rely on IT to keep their operation moving forward. That means those people have to decide between employing computer specialists in-house or outsourcing the job to professionals. Today, we’re going to discuss some of the reasons the latter option is most suitable. With a bit of luck, anyone who reads this post will have no doubts left in their mind about the value of outsourcing IT and why it’s vital to the success of their venture. There are hundreds of specialist firms out there just waiting to jump into action on behalf of your brand.



Reason 1: Outsourcing IT saves money

Firstly, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that outsourcing IT services is going to save your company a lot of money. That is because you might only need assistance from your chosen partner a couple of times each month. So, it doesn’t make sense to employ someone in-house who will spend most of their working day twiddling their thumbs. Instead, you should entrust the task to an established and experienced brand with an excellent track record. Not only will you save money on wages, but you will also ensure you minimize any downtime.



Reason 2: Outsourcing IT boosts productivity

Companies that offer managed IT services can help your venture to become more productive overnight. That is because those experts will conduct assessments and make recommendations based on your use of computer technology. There is a reasonable chance the specialists working for your chosen brand will come up with ideas that will assist you in reducing workloads and boosting profits. For example, they might tell you to use a new automated software package that removes the need for data entry.



Reason 3: Outsourcing IT protects your company

No business owner knows when their company might fall victim to a hacking attack. There are hundreds of thousands of expert cybercriminals out there just waiting to penetrate your system and steal your most valuable documents. IT specialists understand the risks you face more than most, and they’re always willing to take a look at the protections you have in place, and then make recommendations on how you can improve and ensure hacking never becomes a problem. IT professionals will develop disaster recovery strategies for your employees to follow too!

Now you know about some of the primary reasons you should think about outsourcing IT this year; it’s time to speak to your trusted managers and team leaders so you can come up with a plan for the future. When it comes to discovering the best IT company, ensure you read as many reviews and testimonials as possible online. Some firms are better than others, and you need the best minds in the industry if you want the desired outcomes. Reading what clients thought about the service in the past should give you an indication of whether or not they were satisfied with the experience.

Top 5 Benefits of Outsourcing for Your Business

Outsourcing can be a powerful tactic for companies around the world, providing main branches time to focus on more important issues or just put extra horsepower for that final push before a deadline. With the right idea behind it, outsourcing can help a company expand and save a little bit of money on the side while doing it. The tricky part is finding the right outsource option for your specific needs, after that, the benefits just keep coming. Among these, five reason tend to stand out for companies both large and small.

Keeping Focus

One of the primary reasons of even considering outsourcing is and always will be time. As a company grows and workloads start to pile up, it can be easy to lose sight of what’s really important. To avoid getting overwhelmed, companies tend to invest in outsourcing in order to maintain focus and stay on the path they set for themselves. The best example of this is the use of outsourcing in IT, foreign outsourcers or even entire companies are taken on to work on a specific task like providing assets. This leaves the main company’s labor force free to focus on the bigger picture.

Time Zone Advantage

This has got to be one of the best parts of hiring outsourcers in a different time zone. If lucky, business owners can employ outsource companies whose working hours start when a business day ends locally. This effectively lets companies assign a task at the end of their day and have it ready first thing in the morning. With business being conducted continuously across the board, efficiency skyrockets with minimal cost and provides good afterhours opportunity should you opt for it.

Reduced Costs Across the Board

Let’s face it, outsourcers are cheaper. Simply put, living standards vary. Because of this, the minimum wage of i.e. America would be two to four or five times the amount a worker in some parts of Europe would make. This makes foreigners jump at the opportunity to work for wages that would essentially be unacceptable locally. This saves a huge chunk of the company’s budget that can be put to better use elsewhere to it grow and expand into new areas.

Skilled Workers

Make no mistake, these people are highly-trained. With degrees and a staggering amount of work experience, they will compete with, if not surpass, your current staff. A quick search through b2b (business-to-business) engines like Yak Portal shows that there are numerous options out there. With services ranging from IT support to the production of medical supplies, these workers and companies can be an invaluable asset to any firm looking to get ahead in the biz.

Keep up With Competitors

The great equalizer of the business world. This is especially useful for smaller companies looking to compete with the big fish in the proverbial pond. By investing into outsourcing, with highly skilled workers at a reduced cost, smaller businesses can achieve the oomph they need to keep up and appear much larger than they actually are. In effect, a smaller firm gets access to the tech and expertise than only much bigger companies enjoy. With these resources, underdogs get an opportunity to show their rivals what they’ve got and ascend the competitive ladder.

To Sum up

Outsourcing is great, it provides an immensely skilled workforce at outrageously low costs. Whether hiring individuals or entire teams, do not underestimate their value. Like previously said, in most cases these people will be working for a very good salary by their standards, making them put maximum effort into providing a satisfactory service. Utilize this, help these people help you and grow together hand in hand. With clear goals and reasonable deadlines, outsourcers can and will carry your business to the next level, leaving you free to chart a course and plan your next move.

Guest Author, Tony, is a writer and the senior editor at MediaGurus with several years of experience in writing content for the web. Tony does research and writes articles across various industries, such as business, technology, marketing, lifestyle, etc.

You Don’t Have To Be A Jack Of All Trades: The Benefits Of Outsourcing

To make a business a success these days, you have to excel in several different areas. Very few people have the skillset needed to make it on their own. If you can’t do everything yourself, you have two options. One is to hire a team made up of people with varied skills. The other is to outsource work. If you’re considering outsourcing, here are some of the benefits you could enjoy.


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Reducing costs

Hiring employees, even on temporary contracts, carries a cost. Often, outsourcing projects can save you a huge sum in the long-run. If you’re a new business, outsourcing can be particularly beneficial because it replaces fixed costs with the opportunity to control costs. When you pay somebody a salary, this equates to a set figure. Working with other individuals or agencies outside of the company enables you to spend varying amounts on your terms. If you save money one month, this frees up capital, which you’ll be able to invest in other areas of the business.

You can also reduce costs by eliminating the need to take on staff members on a short-term basis. When you hire people, you often have to cover the cost of training. Short-term contracts tend to offer poor value for money, and often temporary staff won’t give as much for you as somebody who’s been working for you for a long time. If you’re just starting out, you’ll need every dime you’ve got, so saving on recruitment can be hugely valuable.

Accessing specific skills

Outsourcing opens you up to highly-skilled individuals in specific areas. Take the example of a new business owner who is desperate to increase their online profile in a bid to drive sales. This entrepreneur may have creative talents, but they don’t know much about social media or putting together a functional, attractive website. If they choose to outsource, they can access people who have these skills and the abilities to drive the company forward. They can design and implement a social media campaign and create an app which has been expertly developed and verified using jira testing with QASymphony. In weeks, they can go from having a simple website that very few people are aware of to a site that gets hundreds or thousands of visitors every day.

Increasing efficiency

When you outsource work, the firm you choose will be equipped to deal with your requests immediately. They will have access to the technology and programs needed, and they can focus solely on the task in hand. As a consequence, outsourcing also enables you and your in-house team to concentrate on your core business. Essentially, you can devote your time and energy to your priorities and play to your strengths.


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Many businesses outsource work. This option gives them the opportunity to benefit from other people’s skills without offering short or long-term contracts. This saves you money, but it also increases efficiency. If you have a specific task or project in mind, you can work with companies or individuals who are geared up to do this quickly with minimal fuss. They have the experience and expertise, as well as access to the required technology, machinery or equipment.

Make Your #Retail #Business Easier To Manage With These Life-Changing Hacks!

Retail businesses can be one of the hardest business types to make a success of. The reason for this is simple – a lot of organization is required to have any chance of success. Although all businesses require organization, for retail companies, it’s even more important. Because, if you’re not organized you’ll end up forgetting to do something important, such as ordering new stock, for instance. So, with that in mind, below are some handy hacks to make managing your retail store and staying organized, that little bit easier.

Have a schedule in place


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One of the most important things when it comes to making your retail business (or any business) easier to manage is having a schedule in place. This is because by having a list of tasks to complete each day, along with a time frame to do each task in, it’s easier to keep on top of what needs to be done. You know what needs to be done and when, so it’s just a case of doing it and ticking it off afterward. A daily schedule can be a great motivator because it gives you a clear idea of what has to be completed each day. This makes it less likely that you will put off doing the important things like reordering stock. This is because you’ll have your daily schedule to remind you of everything that needs doing. To learn about the best planners to use, resources like onewomanshop.com/2014/5-best-planners-for-creative-solopreneurs/ can be useful.

Invest in the right software

The right software can have a big impact on how easy to manage your store is, so it’s worth taking the time to research the best types to invest in. There are various options on offer; it’s just a case of determining what you could use help with. Integration software, for instance, can be highly beneficial for retail businesses. This is because sites like adeptia.com/products/b2b-integration.html can offer various benefits for your business. For instance, this type of software can aid supplier on-boarding, making the process much quicker and easier. Some software might be a little pricey. However, it’s important to remember that it’s worth the investment if it makes running your business easier. After all, the easier you can make your business to run, the better.

Outsource tasks


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It’s important to remember that there are only so many hours in the day. This means that no matter how hard you work, the chances are that you’re not going to be able to do everything. If you’re not at a stage where you’re able to afford to hire some help, then your best option is outsourcing. By choosing to outsource tasks like your accounting, for example, you can ensure that they’re completed to a high quality. And also, that you’re not rushing to try and get everything done, and so, end up forgetting to do something important.

Running a retail business isn’t an easy task, as it takes a lot of time and effort to keep on top of everything that needs to be done. Hopefully, however, the handy hacks above will help to make the process of running your store, that little bit easier.

What Positions Can I Realistically Outsource?

Companies are on a constant quest to find ways to cut expenses and improve productivity.  However, cutting the wrong expenses can be counterproductive, and in some cases, detrimental.  So, what do you cut when your bottom line is on the line?  One option is outsourcing. Savvy businesses are finding they can recruit top talent and drastically reduce costs by hiring independent contractors.  For one, employers do not have to provide independent contractors with benefits such as paid leave and healthcare. Companies also only pay for time used. For instance, let’s say your company would like to work on boosting public relations efforts, but there is not enough “newsworthy” happenings to justify hiring a full time employee.  Outsourcing to a public relations firm or freelancer gives you the flexibility to employ their services as needed, rather than paying one person a salary with benefits.  And, in some cases, outsourced workers can be paid as 1099 contractors, saving your company the time and cost of submitting payroll taxes for them. Another advantage to outsourcing is you are gaining an outsider’s perspective.  Often, when a contract employee begins working with a company, they can objectively identify obstacles and opportunities management and staff may not see.

Once you decide outsourcing is a possibility, the next step is to determine which positions or duties can realistically be contracted out.  Ultimately, this will depend on your company structure; however, there are a few key core activities you can examine first to help you get started.


Information Technology (IT)

We all know IT is a must-have for every company. The complexity of your system is driven by your core business needs.  In many cases, small businesses in particular, can outsource most, if not all, of their IT needs. Cloud providers and related services offer affordable options to help protect and secure your data, eliminating the need to maintain and store it on-site.  Depending on the infrastructure, you may need to still maintain some in-house staff, just fewer.  Outsourced IT companies are competing for business, therefore, their pricing has become more attractive.  According to an October article in CIO, “Heading into 2014, IT outsourcing service providers will be hard at work stealing business from their competitors – and having theirs stolen as well.”

Sales & Research

Sales efforts are one of the most popular tasks to outsource.  Many companies are reaping the benefits of contracting with call centers to help develop leads, manage outbound sales campaigns and conduct market research.  Call centers can work in conjunction with your inside sales staff to help drive results. One obstacle for sales staff is having to take time to develop leads and research. When a call center performs the legwork, your sales representatives are prepared with solid leads and good market research, thus increasing the likelihood of converting a prospect into a customer.

Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations

Fear of cost is one of the main reasons companies tend to handle these duties in-house.  While larger agencies can be pricey, there are a number of smaller firms and even freelancers who are willing to tailor their pricing to accommodate your budget.  Remember, most of the really good professionals in this field specialize.  Graphic designers are graphic designers.  While they can write, many are not copywriters.  And, while some copywriters may be able to work their way around InDesign, they are generally not artists. These are all very specialized skill sets, which is why outsourcing to an agency can prove beneficial.  Agencies tend to have dedicated talent in each of these areas. You get the “results’ of hiring four employees without the significant cost.


Many companies are finding they can outsource much of their human resources (HR) efforts.  While you probably want to maintain an in-house manager, a good outsourced HR provider can eliminate the need to staff a large department.  From payroll and benefits to recruiting and employment screenings, there are companies who can manage it all for you at an affordable price.

Taking time to examine your business structure and identify areas and tasks that  can be outsources is the first step.  Just like employee, be sure to research providers to find the right “fit”.  Then, don’t be afraid to give it a try.  You will likely be amazed at the money you save and wonder why you didn’t consider it sooner!

Gina Smith writes freelance articles for magazines, online outlets and publications. Smith covers the latest topics in the business, golf, tourism, technology and entertainment industries.