Want To Maintain A Special Relationship With Your Customers? Use These Tried And True Strategies

What makes your business great? Well, a big part of it’s you. Aww, don’t go blushing on me now. Seriously, it’s your spark of inspiration, your drive and your passion that built your business up from nothing. Your employees look up to you and you take your role as their leader very seriously. Speaking of your employees, they’re no slouches either. They’ve taken your ideas and run with them, using their initiative, their imagination and their work ethic to take your ideas and combine them with their own to take your enterprise to a whole new level. You’ve rewarded them in kind by training, developing and promoting them and ensuring that they’re fairly remunerated for their efforts. Then of course there’s the outsourced help that allowed you to get the specialist provision you needed without the staffing overheads. But there’s one vital component without which it would all be for nought… That’s right. Your customers!

You value your customers and acknowledge that they are the lifeblood of your business. You appreciate their loyalty and want to ensure that you retain their harmonious relationship with your business. But you’re not sure how to maintain this relationship or where to divert your efforts and resources. Here are some strategies to help you to do exactly that…

Your blog

Your blog is arguably your greatest asset when it comes to retaining your customers and improving your enterprise’s SEO. Keep customers coming back for regular, engaging and well written content and not only will you earn their loyalty, you’ll establish yourself as an expert in your chosen field with insights, thoughts and opinions well worth heeding. Just don’t besmirch your blog with low quality content sourced by cheap overseas content farms.

Email newsletters

It’s a tried and true means of customer retention, but one still worth considering even in 2018. Email newsletters offer customers a sense of exclusivity. You can include special promotions and offers designed exclusively for them and you can give customers the opportunity to peak behind the curtain at new developments within your business. Just check out https://www.palomasoftware.com/postman/email-newsletter-software/ to see why email newsletters are a worthy investment. Just make sure that they are only sent out to customers who opt in, especially if you do business in Europe and don’t want to fall afoul of GDPR legislation.

A rewards scheme that gives customers more of what they want

Different customers will be drawn to your business for different reasons and each will want something subtly different from a rewards scheme… So develop one that’s flexible and gives your customers the opportunity to get more of what matters to them. This is where market research becomes an extremely valuable tool. When you have a rewards scheme that’s tailored to the explicit needs and desires of your clientele, you’ll not only enjoy their loyalty, you’ll enjoy knowing that your business is catering to them as effectively as possible.

Your customers are the best and as such it behooves you to take steps to show them how much you appreciate them!

Getting Your #Business #Online: 5 Key Steps

In this day and age, it has never been so important to get your business online. Once you get an online presence, you will find that it is much easier to attract new customers and clients. Everyone else is online so you should be as well. Otherwise, your potential new customers may not even hear about yours. But there is so much more to being online than attracting new people to your business. Want to get online? Here’s how it’s done.



Set Up A Website

First things first, you should make a website for your business. This will be what people will use to find out crucial information about your company. Things like contact details and the kinds of services and products that you provide. You also need a website so that people looking for your kinds of services on Google will stumble across your site.

Think About Marketing

You also need to consider online marketing. Marketing on the internet can help to expand your business’s reach to get to more people. There are various ways you can go about marketing online. One common way companies market is to buy advertising space on popular blogs. There are many other types of online marketing. One kind, social media marketing, brings me nicely onto my next point.

Social Media

It is crucial that you create profiles on all the main social media platforms for your company. This gives your clients and customers the chance to keep up to date with your latest news. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to interact with your customers. While you are on social media, you should be pushing your online content. Try to make each tweet and post very shareable. That way, there is a good chance that it will be shared many times and might even go viral.



Company Blog

You need to ensure that you have plenty of fresh and new content you can regularly share with the world. The best way to do that is to create a company blog. You should post weekly blog posts that are relevant to your company and industry. Make sure that you ensure they are SEO ready. That means you need to include lots of keywords in the post that Google will pick up on. That way, it will rank highly in Google searches.


Newsletters are a very big deal right now. Every company sends them out to their client base. Whenever you make a sale, take the customer’s email address from them and add it to your newsletter contact list. Then, either once a week or once a month, you should send out your mail to all your subscribers. It’s a great way to keep your customer base up to date with all your current news and the latest developments in your industry. You can also use your newsletter as a way to inform customers about any new products or services that you start to offer.

Hopefully, this guide will help you get your business online and start to make more money!

#Technology Can Increase Your #Sales Via These 5 Methods

If you want to increase sales in your business, technology might offer the best solution. These five methods will all allow you to increase sales by using technology to your advantage.

Fast In-Store Checkout

The technology that can be used in your store is advancing all the time. Checkout equipment is very fast and easy to use now. People can even use contactless payment technology if you have the right equipment to make that happen. When people are standing in line, they don’t want to wait around forever. If the queue is moving slowly, they might give up and not bother buying. But when you have technology that allows for fast payment, this is something that won’t become a problem.


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App Store Sales

Many retailers now use apps as a platform on which they can sell to customers. This is something that you should definitely consider if you want to make more sales. As more and more people use their smartphones to browse and buy things online, you need to get up to speed. It’s the responsibility of every business owner to keep up with the habits of the consumers. Failing to will lead to the business getting left behind and missing out on sales. There are companies that can help with mobile application development if you don’t know anything about that kind of thing.


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Upselling Online

Online sales are vitally important to modern businesses. Even for businesses that operate on the high street, ecommerce cannot be ignored. It functions as a way of selling to more people than ever before and reaching people all over the world. It’s also a great tool because upselling is so easy when you’re selling online. This is when your website suggests other items that customers might like before they check out. That way, you can often make a few sales rather than just one.

Email Newsletters

It’s a good idea to compile a database of customer email addresses. That way, you can send out a newsletter to people whenever you have updates or offers to inform people of. These newsletters will find themselves in the inbox of anyone who has given you their details in the best. And it helps to keep your business at the forefront of their minds. This is important because you need repeat business if you want your company to remain profitable into the future. It’s very cheap to create and send newsletters too.


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Encouraging People to Spread the Word

When people like your business, they are likely to tell their friends about it. And there are a few ways in which technology and the internet can help you to encourage people to do this. One smart thing that many companies do is make their stores compatible with free wi-fi. That means that when a customer is in the store, they can take photos or send out tweets. This then helps to spread the word, and it’s something that can encourage more people to come to your store. It’s so easy to do as well, so give it a try.


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Is Your Content Marketing Proving a Real Generator?

content_marketingAre you looking for a way to put your business in the spotlight time and time again?

If so, then content marketing is the way to go!

Here are just a few ways content marketing can help you create brand visibility and generate more leads for your business than ever before:

Content Marketing and U.S. Businesses

The phrase “content is king” has been tossed around a lot the past decade and for good reason. Online content in all of its various forms is one of the best ways to generate leads and visibility for your business.

According to a recent B2C marketing study conducted by the Content Marketing Institute, 93 percent of large and midsize companies use content marketing as part of their marketing strategy. Additionally, 95 percent of small businesses and 78 percent of micro-businesses use content marketing regularly as well.

As a result of content marketing, businesses across the country are experiencing substantial increases in customer interaction and leads. Nearly 66 percent of businesses report increases in web traffic and 27 percent report increases in sales lead quantity.

So, with these numbers in mind, how can your business use content marketing to its advantage?

Business Blogs

One of the most popular forms of content marketing is blogging. By adding a business blog to your website, you can engage with customers on a regular basis through brief yet informative posts.

Whether you want to concentrate on a specific service or product your business offers or you want to talk about your industry in general, blogging is an effective marketing approach.

As an added bonus, you can share your business blog posts on social media, thus increasing your social visibility.


As the following article looks at, if you’re wondering how to generate more leads than ever in 2015 with content marketing, then start thinking infographics.

That’s right; infographics are popping up all over the web as a quick and easy way to inform audiences on just about anything surrounding your brand and industry.

Infographics are great for listing statistics and concrete industry information.

Likewise, infographics are heavily influenced by, you guessed it – graphics, which makes them more visually engaging than plain text.


Considering online attention spans are dwindling at a rapid rate, it’s more important than ever before for your marketing content to stand out among the crowd. That’s exactly where online videos come into play.

Video will capture your audience’s attention more so than any other form of marketing content. However, you need to make sure each video you produce is engaging, informative, and well made.

Once you get the ball rolling with your business videos, you can create a YouTube channel and share you videos on your website and through social media.

Email Newsletters

E-newsletters are a great way to keep your current customers informed about your business’s products and services.

Most businesses send e-newsletters on a weekly or monthly basis that cover topics ranging from upcoming business events to product updates.

E-newsletters are a subscription-based form of content marketing, so there’s a little more legwork involved to get potential customers to sign up.

From videos to business blogs, content marketing truly does generate more attention for your brand.

About the Author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including marketing and customer outreach.